Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hudson's 2!!

Hard to believe our baby is just goes by SO fast! We had a Buzz Lightyear for Hudson since he loves Buzz!

Buzz Spaceship from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Britney

playing with cousin Jax

new pool from Meme and fun

we had water games in the back for the kids...

we had about 15 kiddos back there so it was chaos at it's best :)

Ella and Destiny

the Travis twins...Jack and Ben...just turned a year

Gigi and Hud

Kristen and Maddox

our neighbor twins...Hudson and Cowen

the dads watching...Burt and baby Durham, Justin, and Kyle

Meme and Hud

Hud all covered up...wind was a lil chilly for a AR September day...70's

Hudson and Hudson blowing bubbles

mommy and daddy look more excited bout this present than bday boy ;)

luckily all of hud's neighborhood buddies were there to help him open presents ;)

Hudson, Carson, and Cowen

Uncle Ryan taking me for a bday stroll on the four wheeler

Meme and PapPaw got to come last Saturday and just left today...Hud was SO excited to spend the whole week with them!

We got our 2yr old pics done yesterday...he was not cooperating on this one :)

these were some shots Meme snapped with her camera

such a big boy

my lil golfer

playing with Meme and PapPaw at the park...the weather has been AWESOME this week

love this pic...he can now go down the big curl slide all by himself

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  1. Thank you, thank you for blogging about his bday so Aunt Shea could see pics! Looked like fun-can't believe our babies are TWO!! Love you guys!!